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Working With Clients

How we work with clients and our firm’s policies

Our goal is to represent our clients effectively, efficiently, and to the highest professional standards. People employ attorneys for representation involving important matters. We fully appreciate the seriousness of our responsibility in representing our clients and our clients’ interests, and believe our relationship with our clients is of paramount importance. We provide effective, professional and courteous service at a fair and reasonable cost. The following information will give you a better understanding of us, so we can better serve you.


All communications between lawyers (and their staff) and our clients are confidential. Our clients entrust us with important and sensitive information about themselves , their families and their business, and we are committed to keep such information confidential.


We charge on an hourly fee and expense basis for most legal services. Two exceptions to this policy is our fees for routine residential real estate transactions and plaintiff’s personal injury claims. Other exceptions are made on an individual case basis by the responsible attorney. Our statements are carefully reviewed by the responsible attorney for appropriateness based primarily on the time spent on the matter, but also on a variety of factors such as sophistication and complexity of the legal work involved, product delivered, result obtained, special time requirements, and other similar factors.

Our statements are normally prepared monthly for the previous month’s fees and costs advanced and are due and payable upon receipt. In appropriate cases, some matters may be billed upon completion in the attorney’s discretion. Depending upon the nature of a particular matter and other factors such a the time which will be required, we may request a reasonable retainer fee deposit before beginning representation on a project. In many circumstances involving new clients, the firm will require a written engagement letter to be signed by the client at the commencement of our representation.

Plaintiff’s Personal Injury

We represent clients injured in automobile accidents, products liability and other types of personal injuries and are compensated based on a percentage of the amount collected for the client. The fee is contingent on making a recovery on the client’s behalf, either as a result of a settlement with an insurance company or as a result of a jury verdict. The percentage amount is dependent upon the nature and size of the case and will always be agreed upon at the beginning of our representation. In the unlikely event that nothing is collected for a client, then the client is not liable for any attorney’s fees. By law, clients are required to be responsible for out-of-pocket costs, such as paying for copies of medical records obtained from health care providers, filing fees paid into the court, the cost of depositions, etc.

Residential Real Estate Closings

Our fee for routine residential real estate transactions, e.g., sales, purchases and refinancings, is usually a fixed amount and is typically agreed upon at the beginning of the representation.

Other Services

Most other legal services are charged on an hourly basis. The attorneys keep track of the time spent on the case and bill a fee at their hourly rate. Before beginning any representation, we will be pleased to discuss and agree upon the fee arrangement as to your specific matter.

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