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What Crash Factors Tend to Result in Long-Term Whiplash Injuries?

Rear-end collision

Rear-end crashes are one of the most common types of car accidents, and considering that rear-end accidents are frequently a byproduct of driving while distracted, such accidents are unlikely to become less commonplace anytime soon. Yet despite the fact that these accidents are so common, researchers know surprisingly little about the effects such accidents have on passengers in rear-ended cars. This is in large part due to the difficulty in studying accidents in a formal academic manner, since such events cannot be reproduced in a lab using human subjects.

However, with the proliferation of event data recorders in nearly all vehicles manufactured in recent years, there is a great deal more information available to researchers on the factual circumstances surrounding a crash. These devices record information such as the speed at which a car was traveling when an impact occurred, whether an airbag deployed or nearly deployed, whether the car’s driver was applying the brakes, or whether they were accelerating when the car experienced an impact.

Recently, one Swedish car insurance carrier gathered information from these event data recorders from its customers’ cars, and permitted a team of local researchers to analyze the data. The researchers looked specifically at what factors tended to be present in an accident that had resulted in long-term or *-permanent whiplash symptoms or neck injuries. In doing so, the researchers discovered that, the greater the force of acceleration present in the struck car when the accident occurred, the greater the likelihood that the injured driver would experience more severe whiplash-related neck injuries. Additionally, injured drivers who were female tended to report whiplash symptoms more immediately after a crash than male drivers. The researchers also reported that, the faster the rear-ending driver was driving as compared to the speed of the impacted vehicle, the greater the likelihood that the victim’s whiplash injury would be long-lasting. The researchers discovered that where the cars were traveling approximately the same speed prior to the collision, the impacted driver tended to receive less serious injuries. Research like this will ideally result in car companies taking more successful measures to better prevent vehicle occupant injuries in the future.

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