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Tractor-trailer accident results in one fatality

tractor trailer accident

The crash of a tractor-trailer has left one man dead and another woman injured. A tractor-trailer hauling a double trailer was traveling north on Interstate 77 near the 22 mile marker in Carroll County at approximately 8:00 a.m. on July 3rd. While Virginia state police are still investigating, preliminary reports suggest that the driver, Randall O. Page, 36, of Charlotte, N.C., lost control of the truck when coming through a curve. The trailer veered off the road toward the left side and through the center median, overturning and spilling its contents across the lanes of the southbound I-77. The truck’s second trailer hit a 2014 Chevrolet Aveo, sending the 22-year-old woman driving it to the hospital for minor injuries. Cleanup of the accident and overturned tractor-trailer required hours, and caused a backup of traffic that reached 11 miles’ worth of morning commuters.

Tractor-trailers can be extremely difficult to control, and adding a second trailer makes them even more so. It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what caused a crash, due to the large number of factors that must be present for a truck to function properly. For example, the complex air braking mechanism and all its valves, gauges, and pressure supply system must be in perfect condition for the truck to come to a complete stop. The driver must be alert and well-rested, which may not always be the case, due to the pressure exerted by companies on long-haul truckers to arrive at their destination on or ahead of schedule. Additionally, tire pressure and tread must be at optimal levels for the truck to stay under the driver’s control. Where a truck is involved in a solo crash, such as this one, it requires a detailed and sophisticated factual investigation to determine the cause and parties who may be liable.

Due to their size, weight and difficulty to control, tractor-trailer accidents can be devastating. If you or a family member have been hurt in a large truck accident or tractor-trailer crash, contact an attorney who is experienced in the complex nature of claims involving large trucks. Contact the Charlottesville law firm of Buck, Toscano, & Tereskerz for a free consultation on your possible tractor trailer crash lawsuit at 434-977-7977. Our attorneys are available to represent your claims throughout Central Virginia, including Troy, Palmyra, Keswick, North Garden, and throughout Albemarle County.

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