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car accident due to human error

What Percentage of Car Accidents Are Caused by Human Error?

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

There are a number of different reasons why auto accidents occur, but the vast majority of them come down to an error on the part of one or more drivers or less frequently the negligence of a party that is not directly involved. According to a Stanford Law School report, at least 90% of… Read More »

holiday safety

6 Important Tips for Safe Travel During the Holidays

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

Holiday travel is going to be a little different this year. Traditionally, millions of Americans hit the road to visit with friends and relatives for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Although there may be a reduced number of holiday travelers this year, a significant number will still decide to take a road trip. If… Read More »

how to prevent sun glare accidents

How to Prevent Sun Glare Accidents

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

One of the most disruptive situations as a driver is getting hit with bright and blinding sunlight. This happens most often during the fall and winter months when the sunrise and sunset times tend to correspond closely with morning and evening rush hours. There are few circumstances more annoying than making a turn or… Read More »

division of assets in a divorce

How is Property Divided During a Virginia Divorce?

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

Under Virginia divorce laws, courts must follow the principle of equitable distribution in the division of marital property. Throughout the divorce process, couples have various opportunities to agree between themselves on a fair division. However, if the divorcing spouses cannot resolve property division issues on their own, then the court will make a decision… Read More »

pedestrian accident

Why are Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries on the Rise in VA?

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

Pedestrian deaths have been increasing in recent years both nationally and in Virginia. According to the Governors Highway Association, there were 6590 pedestrian deaths in the US in 2019, which was a 5% increase over the previous year, and the highest number of deaths recorded since 1988. In Virginia, there have been more than… Read More »

night driving in Virginia

How Night Driving Contributes to Drowsiness

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

Around two out of three deadly car crashes involving young adults take place between 6 pm and 6 am. The chances of drowsy driving at night are higher, particularly for young drivers because of a combination of various factors, including reduced visibility due to darkness, slower response time because of tiredness, and relative inexperience… Read More »

distracted teen driving in Virginia

Distracted Driving and Teen Crashes

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

It can be challenging to react during a potential accident when driving while distracted, particularly for teenage drivers. Dangerous distractions include peer passengers, texting or talking on a mobile phone, eating, apply makeup, or changing radio stations, among others. When the brain is contemplating anything besides driving, it can make it hard to react… Read More »

tbi injury attorney in Charlottesville, VA

What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries?

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

Brain injury, or traumatic brain injury (TBI), refers to a condition in which there is a change in brain function or brain pathology, due to damage caused by an external force. The various types of traumatic brain injuries that can occur are as follows: Penetration: A hard object, such as a knife or bullet,… Read More »

does wearing a helmet affect your motorcycle accident case?

How Does the Use of a Helmet Impact an Injury Claim After a Motorcycle Accident?

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

It is mandatory in Virginia for motorcycle riders to wear protective helmets. Helmets can be crucial in preventing traumatic brain injury (TBI), and possibly, spinal cord injury (SCI). However, they cannot effectively prevent other types of injuries that involve other areas of a motorcycle rider’s body when a crash occurs. In case you experienced… Read More »

coronavirus and personal injury settlements

How Injury Settlements May be Impacted by COVID-19

By Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, LTD. |

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented and unpredictable situation for new and ongoing legal cases, but personal injury victims in Virginia can still pursue their claims for damages or negotiate settlements with insurers or at-fault parties through their lawyers. In fact, looking at the adverse economic conditions resulting from the coronavirus related disruptions,… Read More »

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