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New Virginia Laws

July 1, 2014 brings new laws to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Here are some of the highlights:

1.    With certain restrictions, you can hunt on Sundays in Virginia (HB1237)
2.    No longer will owners of hybrid vehicles have to pay an annual “hybrid fee” tax of $64 (HB975)
3.    The monthly maintenance fee on the E-Z Pass toll transponders will be eliminated effective September 1 (SB 156)
4.    Persons assisting those experiencing a mental health crisis have more time under an emergency custody or temporary detention order to locate an appropriate facility for the individual to obtain proper care, and state facilities will need to provide a bed for them if no other placement can be found (SB260, Deeds)
5.    A new crash prevention course will become available for mature drivers as an alternative to loss of license as a result of traffic infractions (HB771)
6.    For the first time, a judge may now award attorney fees in cases where incapacitated vulnerable adults were defrauded by others in a position of trust. This was my bill, and it was developed after the local Legal Aid Justice Center’s forum on Elder Law in 2012 (HB312)

These represent a fraction of the 2,888 bills that were introduced during the 2014 General Assembly. The Division of Legislative Services is the office that drafts, tracks and compiles statistics on the legislation considered each session. In addition, they publish In Due Course and Session Highlights, two invaluable resources on legislation before the General Assembly.

As always, it is a pleasure representing you in the General Assembly and I hope that you will contact me with your views and comments about issues affecting the region and the Commonwealth either at my legislative office, 434.220.1660, or at my law office at Buck, Toscano and Tereskerz, 434.977.7977.

David ToscanoDavid Toscano practices in the areas of family law, collaborative law, estate planning and real estate. David represents the 57th District (Charlottesville-Albemarle) and is the Democratic Leader in the Virginia House Delegates.

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