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Terry Tereskerz

Terry Tereskerz

Terry L. Tereskerz (pronounced “Ter ess kurs”; aka “Mr. Terry”), a partner in the firm of Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, Ltd. for over a quarter century, is a 1977 graduate of the University of Virginia School Of Law, practicing in the areas of corporate and business law, family law, real estate and trusts and estates.

Practice Areas

Corporate and Business Law

Mr. Tereskerz represents small and medium-sized businesses and start-up companies, including several non-profit entities that he formed and as to which he secured 501(c)(3) status. Whether as to start-up companies receiving government funding from SBIR/STTR grants, and regardless of the type of entity, Mr. Tereskerz is well-versed and experienced in all matters related to entity formation, corporate governance and day-to-day operations, and is known for his common sense business acumen, as well as his negotiating and drafting skills.

Mr. Tereskerz served as corporate counsel for Comdial Corporation, which was Charlottesville largest corporate entity and which was a publicly-traded, NASDAQ registered corporation engaged in the design and manufacture of telephony and voice systems, prior to its relocating to Florida. His thirty-plus years of corporate practice, both for Comdial and in his thirty-plus years of private practice, is quite varied, including representation of a limited liability corporation engaged in advanced computerized, situational alerting systems in the senior living market, a publishing company, an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company and a surveying firm, to name a few. Mr. Tereskerz welcomes corporate clients engaged in new technology development, including start-up companies.

Mr. Tereskerz’ approach centers around the fundamental role of the corporate attorney, which is to provide professional legal advice and representation with the goal of facilitating, in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner, achievement of the entity’s goals and consistency and predictability as to its ongoing operations. Mr. Tereskerz’ extensive legal and business experience can be particularly useful to start-up entities, and particularly cost-effective as compared to larger firms.

Family Law

Mr. Tereskerz’ family law practice is concentrated in the areas of separation, divorce, spousal and child support, and drafting of separation and pre-marital agreements.

Mr. Tereskerz is committed to ensuring that his client is treated fairly, rather than trying to overreach and in the process generating a broader and more divisive conflict. He has repeatedly witnessed that this approach is best for the client, both in the short-term where finances are necessarily strained and also in the long-term based upon the best interests of the parties’ children. To this end, Terry is also “Collaborative Law” certified, a process where the parties work together to effect the terms of their own separation and/or divorce, the goal being to: (i) achieve a resolution where both parties’ needs are respected and met; and (ii) eliminate the rancor and hostility generated by an all-out legal battle played out publicly in their local courts.

Mr. Tereskerz’ family law practice values and promotes the resolution of conflict, rather than the creation of conflict and the resulting hostility. Too many times divorces morph into all-out wars, generating not only excessive fees but also enmity that can last a lifetime. Too many children continue to be victimized as adults as a consequence of their parents’ unnecessarily bitter separation and divorce, a burden that should not be inflicted on those children and, in many if not most instances, need not be.

Real Estate

Mr. Tereskerz’ real estate practice encompasses the panoply of real estate transactions to include sales, purchases and refinances, representing both buyers and sellers as well as those refinancing existing mortgages. He is familiar with the Charlottesville/Albemarle real estate markets and related professionals, for example, home inspectors, surveyors and real estate agents, having first moved to Charlottesville in 1974.

Mr. Tereskerz enjoys real estate practice, because it gives him an opportunity to welcome new people and families to the area, as well as in the case of refinancings to meet some of his neighbors. He has represented hundreds of clients with their real estate needs for over a quarter of a century. In almost every case, Mr. Tereskerz has personally been present, and handled the closing, relative to the sale/purchase/refinance, rather than delegating the closing to his experienced paralegal staff.

Mr. Tereskerz realizes that timely and prompt service, along with attention to detail, is necessary to ensure a successful-and timely-closing, one that is consistent with the client’s schedule, as opposed to that of a closing company. In addition, as an attorney, Mr. Tereskerz can render legal advice regarding the transaction, unlike closing companies which are not licensed to practice law and so cannot offer any legal advice.

Trusts and Estates

Mr. Tereskerz’ trust and estates practice has consisted of drafting wills and testamentary trusts, powers of attorney, Advance Medical Directives (also referred by some as “Living Wills”) and also securing court appointment of guardians and conservators for the elderly, as well as acting as a guardian ad litem in guardianship proceedings.

Trusts and Estates is an important, and often overlooked, area of law. A properly executed estate plan gives the client peace of mind and also ensures that the client’s final wishes are honored. In this way, the affection that the client holds for loved ones left behind is expressed, and at the same time, rancorous and ugly disputes are avoided. The last thing any responsible, loving person wants to do is to create divisions between loved ones, incident to which the deceased person’s estate incurs extensive legal fees that erodes the inheritance meant for that person’s loved ones. In this regard, the dynamic nature of today’s families, where it is very common to have adults in their second marriages with children by both their current and previous spouse(s), makes it all the more important to have a well-thought out, clear and concise estate plan. Mr. Tereskerz knows that any will ambiguous enough to allow for a contest is already a poorly drafted document, no matter who “prevails” at trial.

Terry is happy to speak with you regarding your legal matters and, if yours for whatever reason is one on which he cannot assist due to a conflict, time pressures or the subject area, he will ensure that you are provided names of counsel known to him who will be able to do so.

A Word About Mr. Tereskerz…

Terry and his wife Patti have two children. His hobbies include sailing on the Chesapeake, golf and bike riding, among other things.

Mr. Tereskerz comes from a military family, with his grandfather serving in the United States Army in WWI. His father was a naval aviator, flying off the USS Hornet in the Battles of Midway, Coral Sea and Santa Cruz. Prior to completing his undergraduate education and entering law school, Mr. Tereskerz graduated from the Artillery and Missile Officer Candidate School in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, ultimately serving one tour of duty in South Vietnam as a First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 25th Infantry Division, 3/13th Artillery, incident to which he earned, among other citations and campaign ribbons, the Bronze Star Medal with First Oak Leaf Cluster. Mr. Tereskerz welcomes the opportunity to represent fellow veterans and service members, and to all past and current service members takes this opportunity to thank for their own service to our Country.

Mr. Tereskerz is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar.

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