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Accident with a Commercial Truck

commercial truck accident in Virginia

It’s stressful enough when you crash with another personal vehicle and exchange contact information at the scene. The situation can become much more complex and anxiety-provoking when a commercial vehicle strikes you. The size disparity between the vehicles alone often means serious, life-changing injuries for the driver or passenger of a personal vehicle. Then there’s the fact that the fault in these types of accidents is rarely as straightforward as it might seem.

Steps to Take Immediately After the Accident

At Buck, Toscano & Tereskerz, Attorneys at Law, we encourage anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident to take the following steps regardless of whether it involved a private or commercial vehicle.

  • Call 9-1-1 to report the accident
  • Provide only basic information to the responding officer as well as the other party such as name, address, telephone number, and insurance details
  • Never admit fault at the scene, especially in a commercial accident where multiple parties may share the blame
  • Seek immediate medical attention for yourself or any injured passengers if needed
  • Ask the responding police officer when you can obtain a copy of the report
  • Don’t give more than basic information to either insurance company
  • Never provide a written statement or agree to recording of your verbal statement until you have spoken to a personal injury attorney

Retaining an attorney as early in the process as possible ensures the protection of your rights. It also prevents you from feeling intimidated by the lawyers or insurance company representing the trucking company.

Most Common Types of Commercial Trucking Accidents

Fatigue, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and deliberate disregard of highway safety rules are some of the leading causes of these catastrophic accidents. Due size and weight of an 18-wheeler, they can be difficult to maneuver and stop. You shouldn’t feel surprised if the other party tries to use this as a defense and place blame for the accident on you. However, an experienced lawyer can uncover the real cause of a commercial trucking accident. It’s usually due to one or more of the following:

  • Blind spot: The blind spot in a commercial truck is significantly larger than that of a passenger vehicle, which greatly increases the chance of the driver not seeing another motorist until it’s too late.
  • Head on: A head-on collision with another vehicle is often deadly with commercial trucks.
  • Improper loading of freight: An overweight truck or one improperly loaded or secured can cause serious injuries to other motorists.
  • Jackknife: This means that the driver brakes too fast and hard, causing the truck to skid outward and creating a 90-degree angle towards the front part of its cab.
  • Rear-end: These accidents cause severe damage due to the weight of the truck and its load.
  • Rollover: A rollover occurs when the driver loses control of the truck for any reason and it lands on its side. Unfortunately, it often hits several cars in the process.
  • Swinging Turn: Sometimes a truck driver will swing wide to the left to make a right turn. This can cause it to collide with cars on the right and squeeze them between a sidewalk and the truck.
  • T-Bone: A truck driver who runs a red light is likely to hit the side of another vehicle.
  • Tire blowout: With 18 wheels, a tire blowout on a commercial truck isn’t uncommon. A single tire can cause significant damage when it strikes another vehicle.
  • Under ride: An 18-wheeler that stops suddenly can cause other vehicles to become lodged underneath. This is one of the deadliest types of accidents between passenger and commercial vehicles.

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The driver isn’t always the one at fault in a commercial trucking accident. It could be the employer, the manufacturer, company responsible for maintenance, or one of several other parties. We use our experience and resources to pinpoint fault and go after the compensation you deserve. Please contact our Charlottesville, Virginia office at 434-977-7977 to request your free case review today.

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